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Silk - Imperial Stout with Meadowsweet and Woodruff


Silk is a 13% Imperial stout made with our friends over at Pomona Island. Loosely based around Pomona's 7% Meadowsweet, honey and vanilla stout, we've upped the ABV to 13% and blended the meadowsweet with woodruff for a fragrant yet decadent stout. With the unusual ingredients of the beer, this artwork had to be heavily influenced by nature. It hints at some of our nature-themed labels from the past five years, combined with some new additions, for our latest nature lovers label.


13.0% ABV




Contains: Water, Malted Barley, Malted Rye, Meadowsweet, Woodruff, Azacca Hops and Yeast.


Allergens in bold


Vegan friendly


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