Pre-ordering and Shipment

This beer is to be packaged and collected by our couriers Wednesday 27th May and delivered to you Thursday 28th May (leaving you plenty of time to drink your mini-keg over the weekend).
If you have ordered anything else it will be shipped at the same time as your mini keg.
The cut off for pre-orders is 5pm Tuesday 26th May (or when they sell out!)


La Adelita - Mexican Cake Imperial Stout


This thick stout is infused with cacao nibs, cinnamon, chipotle peppers and a small amount of vanilla. The flavours were inspired by Mexican chocolate cakes; this beer has dark chocolate and spiced notes with a fiery chilli finish.

The name 'La Adelita' is inspired by a Mexican folk song celebrating strong female warriors of Mexico, it compliments the strong and fiery nature of this beer.


ABV: 11.0%


Size: 5L


Allergens: Barley, Oats


Vegan friendly


Mini kegs of bigger ABV beers are intended for households where a few people can enjoy the beer. Please drink responsibly.


A guide to pouring the perfect pint with your mini keg


  • Store your mini keg in an upright position between 8 - 12℃ for 24 hours before serving.

  • Select a suitable position for your mini keg as you do not want to move your mini keg, especially once you have started to dispense from it.

  • To pour your beer: 

    First flip up the red part of the black and red toggle on the top of your mini keg and rotate it through 90 degrees, you will hear a hiss.

    Next pull the red tap out of the front of your mini keg. Place your glass underneath it.

    Then twist the front section of the tap 90 degrees anticlockwise to start dispensing. 

    To stop dispensing rotate the front section of the tap back 90 degrees clockwise.

  • Sit back and enjoy your beer.

  • When you have finished your sesh, rotate the red section of the red and black toggle on the top of the mini cask back 90 degrees to its original position. This will help prolong the quality of the beer.


Short instrusional video link:


Please note: 


Your mini keg will last for 21 days after packaging and is best enjoyed within 3 days of opening.


Please recycle your mini keg.

La Adelita Mini Keg (5L)

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