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Great Armoured One - Bordeaux Barrel Aged Imperial Raspberry Sour


Great Armoured one started its journey last year when we put an imperial raspberry sour into a series of Bordeaux barrels. It sat there for 12 months ready picking up the wonderful juicy and tannic flavours make this one of our most complex sours yet. The aroma of deep raspberry mix with the oak of the barrels. On the palate is all raspberry, rich dark fruits with a sour tannic snap on the finish. What's in the name? Little armoured one is the translated Spanish name of an armadillo and after a year in Bordeaux barrels its due a promotion from little to great. 


10.6% ABV




Contains: Water, Malted Barley, Malted Wheat, Magnum Hops, Yeast, Raspberries and Bordeaux Wine Barrels


Allergens in bold


Vegan friendly

Great Armoured One

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