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The Empress - Blended Barrel Aged Barley Wine


A blend of: Scotch Whisky & Bourbon Barrels


This beer is the barrel aged version of ‘The Emperor’, one of the most viscous beers we have ever produced, it is super silky with a smooth full body. This dark barleywine has then been aged for a further 15 months in a blend of scotch whisky and bourbon barrels. The soft aromas of treacle, toffee and fruit cake remain from the original, however they are now accompanied by warming notes of spirit. The flavour opens up with an initial hit of sweetness, light caramel and stewed fruits which develop into raisins, figs and honey backed up by a sweet bourbon hit. A soft carbonation supports the complexity of the beer. A fully decadent beer best shared with good friends.


15.5% ABV




Contains: Water, Malted Barley, Oats, Malted Rye, Azacca Hops and Yeast.


Allergens in bold


Vegan friendly

The Empress

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